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Competition Results Announced

These are the winners of Cybercartography Competition 2022. We thank all research teams for taking part in this new and exciting event. Congratulations to all.

Announcement - Call for Participation

Following last year’s CYBERCARTOGRAPHY 2021 Workshop, AGILE, ICA and ISPRS announce the co-organization of the Exemplary Cybercartographic Representations Competition 2022. The aim of the competition is to showcase novel tools and advancements in cybercartography from a practical perspective, to complement the theoretical work on the topic. As such, we welcome submissions from members of the geospatial and cybercartographic community that highlight the latest developments in the field.


Competition entries should highlight exemplary applications within the cybercartographic field. We are particularly interested in works that demonstrate novel applications of the modern cybercartographic tools available today. Competition themes include (but are not limited to):

Entrant Guidelines

The competition is open to all cartography, geographic information, and human-computer interaction experts and practitioners, university students, and map aficionados in general.

Entrants may participate as individuals or as part of a wider team. One team member should be declared as the team contact point for all necessary communication.

All entrants must be of legal competition age.

Only entries that include all required items (see "Entry Requirements” section) will be considered valid for the competition.

We ask all interested entrants to express their interest by providing a short summary of their entry by the “Expression of interest” deadline (31/03/2022). This expression of interest will only be used for organizational purposes; entries submitted by the final deadline (30/04/2022) will still be considered for the competition even if they have not provided this expression of interest beforehand.

Entry Requirements

Competition entries should include the following:

Entries should be submitted via email to in a zipped file. If the files are too large for email attachment, you may provide a link to the files via a file hosting service (e.g. WeTransfer, OneDrive).

Entry Evaluation

The entries will be examined by a panel of experts appointed by the competition committee. Each valid entry will be evaluated on the following criteria:

1. Novelty: How novel the cybercartographic application is in relation to other similar approaches.

2. Usability: How easy to use the application is for its target audience. The application target audience should be specified by the entrants in the accompanying paper (e.g., other experts in the field with highly specialized technical and theoretical knowledge, general practitioners with good overall knowledge, newcomers/general public with minimal knowledge of and experience with cybercartographic applications)

3. Communication efficiency: How efficient the application is at telling its story. This criterion will evaluate how good the chosen methods are at communicating the application’s stated aims.

4.Generalizability: The degree to which this approach can be applied to other situations, e.g., other locations, datasets, etc.

5. Overall quality: The general degree to which the application brings its individual parts together to form a cohesive cybercartographic application.


11/03/2022: Competition start

31/03/2022: Expression of interest

30/04/2022: Entry submission

15/05/2022: Entrant notification

14-17/06/2022: Official competition results announcement at the AGILE 2022 conference



Besides the above publication opportunities, the best three submissions will receive an Award issued by the AGILE-ICA-ISPRS Organization Committee and wide publicity in all scientific communities and forums involved. To those winners attending the AGILE conference, there may be an additional prize by the AGILE Council covering their participation.

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